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Bicycle Saddle Suspension Device For Mountain Road Bike Shocks Mount Alloy Spring Steel Shock Absorber Comfort Cycling Parts

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    Load bearing ≤ 100kg
    Item Name: Bicycle Saddle Hanger (not including saddle and tools) Color: Black. Size: about 16*5*8.5cm (length*width*height).
    Recommended: For Mountain / road bike. Weight: about 340g. Material: alloy spring steel (main body)
    1. Shock absorption.
    2. High quality and high quality alloy spring steel
    3. Adjustable.
    1. Bicycle saddle suspension device, its features are connecting mechanism and suspension springs, the upper part of the connecting mechanism connects to the saddle, the lower part of the connecting mechanism connects to the suspension springs .
    2. The connecting mechanism can slide in the guide of the upper suspension springs.
    3. You can choose the level of suspension comfort according to your bike model, height and weight.
    4. It also realizes reasonable suspension according to the specific obstacle or road conditions, makes the rider ride more comfortable! Riders can adjust the different intensity or scale of the shock absorber and adjust the riding posture freely!
    Instructions for use
    1. Arrange as shown
    2. Use the clamp to connect the cushion and the unit together.
    3. Use a Hexagonal screwdriver to unscrew the screw.
    4. Protective silicone sleeve on the equipment
    5. Adjusted
    6. Attach the saddle to the suspension
    7. Adjust the position
    8. Tighten the screws
    9. Screw the bike can be fixed on the bike

    Muestra del comprador

    bicycle saddle suspension device

    High elasticity / Easy to disassemble / W resistant to ears

    Product Information

    Name: bicycle saddle suspension device


    Body: Lmported Special Alloy Spring Steel

    Clamp: 6061 aviation aluminum

    Case: silicone case

    Weight: about 340g

    Features: tough, hard to deform, tough, tough.

    Fit: mountain bike, road bike, etc.

    Load capacity: about 25kg-100kg

    Colour: Black

    Size: 16.5 x 8.5 (L x W x H)

    Para personas

    Puede ser utilizado por personas de menos de 100KG

    1: una pieza

    Moldeado de una pieza, resistente y duradero, la forma general es suave y limpia.

    2: Acero de resorte de aleación

    Resortes de aleación, garantía de calidad, hacen que la conducción sea más cómoda

    3: Ajuste libre

    El dispositivo de suspensión se puede ajustar a voluntad y el dispositivo se puede ajustar a la posición adecuada para que la conducción sea más cómoda

    4: amortiguador de alta resistencia

    Dispositivo de absorción de golpes de alta resistencia, material de resorte de aleación, brinda un buen efecto de absorción de golpes al cojín

    5: scale

    The scale is printed on the floating device to make device adjustment more convenient.

    free adjustment

    The suspension device according to the scale can be adjusted to make driving more comfortable

    multiple uses

    Shock absorption can also be carried at the same time a variety of package types can be installed

    1: Fix it to the shock absorber with the retaining clip

    2: Use the fixed seat to hold the shock absorber

    3: Use two belts to pass through the buffer and fasten the button.

    4: Pass the cushion to fix it under the seat cushion.

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