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Cycle Bearing Press Box Set For Wheels/Hub Bearing Installation Bicycle Soft Tail Frame Turning Point Bearing Hub Assembly Tool

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    Aluminum alloy new material, CNC machining, anodic hard oxidation treatment.
    Tapered design of the press block, only the outer  contacts the bearing jacket when pressing in, effectively protecting the bearing.
    Tool screw adopts T-threaded screw for CNC machine tools, which can effectively improve pulling force, reduce wear and tear, and is convenient and practical.
    Fixed wrenches and movable wrenches are made of aluminum alloy with lightweight design, and the removable handles are knurled to guarantee strength and anti-slip.
    18 pairs of pressure blocks are made of new aluminum alloy, CNC turned, surface anodized, and aluminum alloy joints.
    Movable wrench joint with resistance reducing parts design, labor-saving operation
    High quality 453 steel, high strength, blackening and rustproof treatment, tight and detailed thread tooth rejection.
    When you take out the tool, press down one side of the tool handle with your hand and take out easily after the handle on the other side is cocked.

    Name: hub bearing installation tool
    Color: blue
    Material: 7075 aluminum alloy + 45# steel
    Process: CNC machining, anodic hard oxidation treatment
    Specifications: 6000/6001/6800/6801/6802/6803/6804/6805/6806/6900/6901/6902/6903/608/R6/1526/1728 and BB70/BB86/BB90/BB92/BB30 and other non-standard bearings with similar inner and outer diameters of the above bearings pressed into the installation (prohibit bowl set pressed into the installation)
    Weight: about 1420g
    Size: about 330*280*80mm/12.99*12.02*3.15in
    Use: Hubs, pylons, center axle, soft tail frame press-in installation of rotation point bearings
    160*40mm fixed wrench X 1,160*40mm movable wrench,200*8mm threaded rod.
    18 pairs of bearing presses: 6000 X 2 pieces; 6001 X 2 pieces; 6800 X 2 pieces; 6801 X 2 pieces; 6802 X 2 pieces; 6803 X 2 pieces; 6804 X 2 pieces; 6805 X 2 pieces; 6806 X 2 pieces
    6900 X 2 pieces; 6901 X 2 pieces; 6902 X 2 pieces; 6903 X 2 pieces; 1526 X 2 pieces; 1728 X 2 pieces; R6 X 2 pieces; 608 X 2 pieces; 22/24*37 X 2 pieces

    1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
    2. Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement. 

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