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DNM AO38RC soft tail mountain bike rear air shock absorber wire-controlled lockable rebound 165 190/200mm bicycle shock absorber

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    Brand: DNM
    Model: AO 38rc
    Version: wire control | manual control
    Length: 165mm, 190mm, 200mm, 210mm
    Stroke: (35,50,53,53) ± 2mm
    Functions: adjustable damping | compression adjustment | air pressure soft and hard adjustment | shock absorber locking
    Features: DNM pneumatic shock absorber, light weight, good quality, superior function, suitable for all kinds of roads, with the highest air pressure of 270psi

    Bicycle Air shock absorber size

    Shock absorber structure

    ①Lock switch
    “+”: Locked
    “-“: open
    ②Main air pressure adjustment
    It is recommended to use a high-pressure pump with a pressure value for pumping
    ③Damp adjustment button
    Adjust the speed of suspension damping

    Each shock absorber is equipped with two 24mm bushings by default. If you need bushings of other lengths, please let us know. There are bushings of the following lengths, thank you.

    The length of the shock absorber is selected. Generally, the frame trader will indicate the installation length and width of the shock absorber of the frame, such as the BXT brand carbon fiber frame.

    American gas nozzle

    Manual control wire control distinction

    Manual control :The shock absorber needs to be adjusted by hand to lock the switch button

    Wire Control:The shock absorber can use the wire controller to remotely control the lock switch

    Wire-controlled shock absorber installation method

    Manual shock absorber function diagram

    Manual control shock absorber

    165mm shock absorber
    190mm shock absorber
    200mm shock absorber
    210mm shock absorber

    Wire control shock absorber

    shock absorber 165mm
    shock absorber 190mm
    shock absorber 200mm
    shock absorber 210mm


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